About Us
David & Prom

The Ambience

Your welcome is warm in Thai or English, the mood and music are mellow. A cocktail feels right, perhaps a classic margarita.
At your table everything is personal, the service gliding and silky: immaculate linen, heavy cutlery, soft butter and warm bread rolls.
Everything is just so.
The food is all you imagined.

David’s Story

I’m a Londoner, from Chelsea, and I came to Thailand 18 years ago. In England I worked in theatre, winning awards at the Edinburgh Festival in 1976 and 1982 and l also worked as Assistant Director at the Chichester Festival Theatre. Sir Rex Harrison once fired me on a Friday for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he re-hired me the following Monday and we became great friends.
I owned a bookshop in Salisbury for three years and then trained as a drug and alcohol counsellor, at one time caring for 119 single homeless men in a London hostel.
In Chiang Mai I taught English to monks at Wat Suan Dok and met Prom, my future wife. Together we set up a new restaurant in the countryside. Later, we bought the first David’s Kitchen when it became available and met Chef O who is now our partner. Soon the restaurant was full every day and we moved here.
We are not a Sir or Madam establishment. It’s a family run restaurant where we treat guests as we would friends in our home. Since opening last November we have been fully booked every single night. We hope David’s Kitchen will run and run.

Khun Prom’s Story

I first met David when I was cooking in a restaurant in Chiang Mai. According to him it was love at first sight. He came back the next day and asked me to have dinner with him. I said no.
The following day he came to the restaurant to ask me to lunch. I said no. For the remainder of the week he came every day to ask me for coffee, to go for a walk, to go shopping. I said no, no, no.
After several months he discovered where I lived in the countryside and visited me every weekend for nearly a year. The first time he took me to lunch most of my family came with us. For six months he kept an engagement ring in his pocket and eventually, when my family members accepted him, David and I went for a quiet walk and he asked me to marry him. I said yes. When we got home the party was already in full swing. Everybody knew what my answer would be. We have been together now for ten years and have a son of 8 and a daughter aged 6.
I am a professionally trained chef and the pastry chef at David’s Kitchen, responsible for all the desserts. We might be the only place in Chiang Mai to offer sticky toffee pudding, an English favourite that David introduced, but all our puddings are popular.